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Saturday, 11 January 2014

Our Lecturers and Alumni!

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AMS Cabin Crew Internship 

Join AMS! 
The course that allows you to be a cabin crew for free!
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Come Fly With Us! 

Visit our Skylab (Blk 23, Level 7) to try flying! 
Simply visit our booth (Blk 23, Concourse) to get directions to the Skylab!
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Hi, I’m Mikhail, a year one student from AMS and unlike most of my cohort mates I gained admission through JPSAE.

Ever since I was a young boy, the world of Aviation never ceased to fascinate me and in secondary three when I read about the diploma in the TP course booklet, I knew instantly that it was the one for me. I was pretty disappointed after receiving my GCE ‘O’ level results as i had missed the Cut off Point for the diploma by two marks even after deducting my CCA points. I thought that everything was over until I found out about the Joint Polytechnic Special Admission Exercise (JPSAE) and gave it a try by making use of my leadership achievements in secondary school. To my astonishment, I received a call not long after to sit for an aptitude test and was lucky enough to be given a chance for an interview a week later. It was a long and painful wait for the day the posting results would be out but it was worth it when I found out that i was offered a place in the course.

The past semester and a half that I have spent as part of the AMS family was indeed an enjoyable and memorable one filled not only with learning but also fun as the lecturers and students are really friendly and bonded. AMS has not only taught me more about Aviation but has also given me the opportunity to explore my career options. As a boy, my aspirations were always to be a pilot but AMS has broadened my horizons to the other prospective careers in the industry. The modules offered in the curriculum has also benefited me by allowing me to understand better how all the different systems in aviation fall together to create a seamless process.

I hope that my story helps to give a better understanding about JPSAE and will motivate those of you who did not perform as well as expected that not all hope is lost. I also hope to spread the love and passion for both aviation and AMS.

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Are you having an unproductive day? 
Feel like lazing at home on a Saturday? 
Well, I hope these pictures will encourage you to come by our booth to visit us! 
These are the crews who will be at our AMS booth today! 

Some of our year 2s~ 

Year 1 angels~ :)

Have you missed the career talk at 12:30PM? 
It's okay as we will upload updated information about  it!

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Friday, 10 January 2014

The skies isn't the limit. Go get your wings!
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Join us and be part of the AMS FAMILY. 
Visit our Skylab which is located at Block 23, Level 7 of engineering school! 

Things available in the SkyLab : 

  • Flight simulator 
  • Airport Layout 
  • Airplane models 
  • Scoot's business class chairs 
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Benjamin Kwa P1201


Hi, my name is Benjamin Kwa. I am currently a junior in my diploma – Diploma of Aviation Management and Services.   

For the past few years, we’ve all experienced different kind of lifestyles. 

Personally, I’ve enjoyed my time basically due to the fact that my friends and I form a tight bond, that make us a family.   “Birds of the same feather, flock together.” This quote can be applied to my diploma as we are one big family, flying together towards one common goal – Aviation   People may call us “nerds” just because we’re overly hardworking, but we’re just practicing our “work-hard-play-hard” mindset.   

Don’t judge us by our cover, because we’re more than what meets your eye.
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Thursday, 9 January 2014

Being a fickle minded child, I never knew what I really wanted to do. I jumped from wanting to be a veterinarian, to fashion designer, then even to a waitress. However, there was this dream that stayed on with me, flying. Cliché, and the word cliché is cliché. But, the fascination of being able to fly or even work in an environment where my efforts directly impact flying had always been lingering in my head and heart.
I came into AMS via JPSAE, with a cut-off at 16 points. I felt really demoralised at first because my results were not up to my expectations. Nevertheless, I knew that I had a glowing passion for aviation and decided to put it to the test. Fortunately, the lecturers managed to catch a glimpse of my aviation spirit, hence accepting me into this course.
AMS is a course where your spirit and love for the course and industry make up 50% of your results. And the other 50% comes from the effects of your spirit, hard work and understanding.
Ultimately, AMS is different from the other courses due to the lecturers. I have never met a better group of staff in my entire educational life. I am serious.
AMS= The almost perfect course (because nothing is perfect and AMS is not nothing)

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The Diploma in Aviation Management & Services (AMS) is the first and only such Polytechnic course in 

Ever wondered what valuable industrial opportunities AMS students experience from their student internship program? Here is what AMS has to offer!

AMS has many collaborations with reputable aviation-related companies and key regulatory authorities, like the Singapore Youth Flying Club (SYFC) , Scoot and Tiger Air!

So, you've always wanted to be a pilot but have little or no chance at all to try how flying a plane is like. Here in AMS, we provide flight training for those interested. Suitable students can also take up the Aeronautical Science option which includes the flying lessons at SYFC training facility at Seletar Airport, and get a Private Pilot Licence.

If flying a plane is not your thing, AMS also collaborates with the aviation industry for students to get valuable exposure to the industry through exciting local and overseas internship during their third year! Some get attached to Scoot or Tiger Air where they learn about in-flight operations, customer service and cabin safety.

Besides Tiger Air, AMS students now have the opportunity to fly with Scoot. 

Students go for a 6 months training before starting work as a cabin crew meeting people with much more experience. Students under this internship program got a chance to know what operation is like in an airline and what it is like to fly long haul flight and layovers. The time spent overseas allows them to learn from the professionals and even make good connections in the industry for the future.

What are you waiting for?
Come Fly With Us!

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I have always wanted to work in the airline industry since young. Upon completion of my ‘O’ levels, I was presented with a choice - to go into poly or JC like what most of my friends did. I decided to go ahead and pursue my dreams in AMS after much deliberation (considering I lived in Choa Chu Kang and it takes almost 2 hours to travel to TP). The sacrifice sure paid off, looking back at the enjoyable journey for the last two and a half year.

In AMS, there isn’t much of a gap between students and lecturers, we can talk to them freely, and it creates an open environment that makes it so much comfortable for the students. Emphasis is not only on the students’ academics, but also on character. In AMS, everyone works as a team – be it lecturers or students. It is a bond which I believe no other course would have. There are also so many opportunities presented to the students; having a say in their learning and best of its kind internships which even allows students to travel overseas! I was fortunate enough to do my internship in Scoot, where I was exposed to the rapidly growing airline industry and meet people from all over the world. I was able to visit Sydney and Korea while I was at it, serving as an observation crew on board the flights!
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Goh Teck Jin, P1202

It was an AMS brochure which I received that made the difference to my choice between JC & AMS. My dad happened to chance upon some information regarding this course, how it encourages students towards pursuing their passion & dream towards flying, towards aviation; hence encouraging me to find out more about this course during the TP Open House 2012.

The AMS team, both the lecturers & seniors were strongly passionate about the course, shared the fulfilling takeaways from the course, such as Advance Standing in renowned Australia universities which I’m intending to pursuit my further studies in, opportunities into flying career & the remarkable internship opportunities offered to the students.

Together with the TP Scholarship (which again was a thoughtful initiative by the AMS team to help me apply for the scholarship), they convinced me to join the AMS team. Unlike most of my peers who embark on their journey to JC, my daily journey to TP is indeed long & tiring – average 1 hour bus ride to TP –, at times questioning myself why torture myself when there’s a nearby polytechnic which is 5 minutes’ walk from my house.

But it was all worth it, having an enriching campus life in TP: meaningful CCA like Experiential Learning Facilitators (ELF) that equip me with skills as an outdoor educator; ample aviation opportunities like the Airbus Fly Your Idea international competition which I got to work with Airbus experts from Toulouse, France; adventure racing as a CCA interest, running, kayaking and mountain biking through obstacles & checkpoints.

“Adventure is worthwhile in itself" –Amelia Earhart, first female aviator. Therefore, it’s definitely worth the shot on the adventure with the AMS team, exploring the wonders of flying. 
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Clarine Lim, P1202
When I was young, I wanted to be a cabin crew as they all looked so gentle and graceful and yearned to look like them. As I grew older, my ambition changed but my sky for love remained. I felt that aviation would bring me closer to the sky, which was what led me in joining AMS. In AMS, I got to fufill my childhood dream as a cabin crew with Tigerair, flying among the clouds and discovering my dream of becoming a pilot which I hope to realize someday.
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Saturday, 7 December 2013


Interested in aviation? Want to find out what its like to get behind the controls  of an aircraft? To see aviation up close?

This camp is open (and free of cost) to Secondary School students or those who just completed their O levels. 

Date: Tue 17th to Wed 18th December 2013
Time: 9.00am-5.30pm
Venue: School of Engineering, Temasek Polytechnic
·         THE BUSINESS OF FLYING @ SKYLAB workshop
·         Visit to MAJ AVIATION, at Seletar Aerospace Park (transport provided)
·         REACH FOR THE SKY (WATER ROCKETS) workshop
·         FUN WITH GLIDERS workshop
Refreshments: we will provide lunch (or refreshments) for both days
Dress code: School Polo-shirt / Tees and pants/knee-length bermudas/skirts OR Smart Casual. Please wear covered footwear (eg sneakers) as some places we will visit have safety requirements.
We are closing registrations soon, so if you and your friends are interested, please register on the link.

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Saturday, 30 November 2013


When: 9am-5.30pm, Tue 17th to Wed 18th December 2013
Cost: FREE for Secondary School students

Register for our free Aviation Camp for Secondary School students:

* the Business of Flying @ SKYLAB workshop - learn about Airlines, Airports and Air Traffic Control, while getting behind the controls of a modern airlines
* Reach for the Sky workshop - launch a water rocket and see how high and far you can make it go!
* Fun with gliders workshop - work with your friends to design, build and launch a glider
* Industry partner visit - get up close to aviation during our industry visit
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Sunday, 6 October 2013

Wishing all the best to those sitting for their 'O' & 'N' levels this year!

Celebrate the end of the exams by checking in for our Singapore Aviation Experience Camp in December!

Find out more:
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Tuesday, 9 July 2013

AMS would like to congratulate Adam and Clara, who successfully managed to complete both the 10km and 21km marathons at the recent Gold Coast Marathon, representing our beloved course as well as the company they are currently interning at - Scoot.

Marathons are definitely not an easy task and hence these two courageous students really deserve a pat on the back, for completing not one but two marathons. Good job Adam and Clara!
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On Sat 15 June 2013, students from the Diploma in Aviation Management & Services (AMS) went on a journey to the Singapore Youth Flying Club (SYFC), however this was no ordinary journey as they brought along with them a group of students who were extremely interested in aviation. These students were from the Mountbatten Vocational School (MVS), a school that specializes in teaching and developing youths with special needs. It trains them to be ready for the workforce after graduation.

Most of the students have never had this great opportunity to get up close with a real life aircraft before, let alone sitting in the cockpit and having a feel of the aircraft controls. Though a joyride in the flying club’s Diamond DA40 light aircraft would have made the perfect experience, no doubt they still had an awesome experience learning about airplanes.

As several of the AMS students were also members of the Singapore Youth Flying Club, they were able to share with the MVS youths the switches and controls of the aircraft, and how a pilot would fly the aircraft using the control stick.

Furthermore, the students were also given a chance to see the Flying Club’s simulator training facility. The simulator is a replica of the Diamond DA40 cockpit and has a collimated screen supported by 3 camera projections. It is the closest the students could get in experiencing how it is like flying the aircraft high in the sky.

The youths were also taught to fold different types of paper planes that were able to either fly a long distance or ‘boomerang’ back to them. Thereafter they were brought to catch a scenic glimpse of the entire airside of Seletar Airport where they witnessed aircrafts of various types taking-off and landing.

After the morning activities were done, the AMS student-volunteers and MVS youths had some delightful refreshments at the club canteen. This was the time where all the students were able to mingle and chit chat. And incidentally, amidst their midday meal that day, everyone present at the canteen were treated to a vantage point view of the aircraft parking apron where a Diamond DA40 aircraft was about to start-up it’s engines. Unforgettable, sweet smiles of the youths from MVS standing by the fence with fingers grappling the grills, the wind from the rotating propeller of the aircraft engulfing their faces was a Kodak moment indeed.

Overall it was such a meaningful event where these youths were able to discover something new and exciting. It was a pleasure for the AMS students as well to host the youths from MVS as it gave a whole new perspective in life. Everything that we can do is a gift and blessing, and we should appreciate every little thing that we have.

A MVS youth having an opportunity to `suit up’ as a crew… up, up and away!!

In and around the Diamond DA40 light aircraft....

`Designing’ an airplane

Come fly with me…

Prepared by:
Reuben Moey & Ray Quek 
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Saturday, 22 June 2013

With the haze affecting Singapore and Changi's runway visibility at 750/800m, you may be wondering how it would be like if there was a Volcanic eruption and ash was falling down.

[Check out Changi (WSSS) METAR for current weather observations  http://www.wunderground.com/Aviation/?query=WSSS#METAR ]

However, reduced runway visibility is not the biggest risk during a volcanic eruption. Rather, the biggest risk is that the volcanic ash may affect the aircraft engines. The abrasive particles can even scour the windscreen, making it impossible for the pilot to look out the window.

Found this old, but cool video about the subject.


Thanks AMS Aviator Stan Tham, for the idea!

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Thursday, 16 May 2013

Dear Aviators,

Our next AVIATION CAMP will be held on (Wed-Thu) 12-13 June 2013. This 2 day programme will see O level students engaged in hands on aviation activities, such as our SKYLAB Flight Simulator workshop, Glider building workshop and Rocket launching competition.


Check out more details and register here:
The Singapore Aviation Experience Camp 2013 !

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Monday, 13 May 2013


Our pioneer batch of Aeronautical Science Options students were on Channel News Asia, at the Singapore Youth Flying Club's graduation.

Receiving their wings, our AMS students have done us proud!

The news segment also interviewed Wei Liang and John Paul, on what this has meant to them and their future plans.

Note: Temasek Polytechnic's Diploma in Aviation Management & Services is the only full-time poly programme that allows students the chance to obtain their Private Pilot License (PPL) as part of their 3rd year studies. This means that their flying lessons are all worked into their timetable and students do not need to juggle their studies and flying, as it is part of their subject and not an additional module or CCA.
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Gary was interviewed on MediaCorp, about the plans for Changi's new T5.

Check out the Youtube video:
Watch the video on Youtube

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